What to Expect?
What should I expect from you as my tutor?
What is expected of me being your student?

Expectations of a Tutor:

  1. I am your tutor, mentor and coach. I will guide you through the content. Share my professional experiences and help students approach challenges with confidence.
  2. Be accessible and committed
  3. I will treat you with respect and everything we discuss is confidential.
  4. I will be patient and  be non-judgemental, there is no shame here, if you don’t know how to do something, tell me and we can work on it. So what if I know you can’t do it, better to identify a weakness here (during tutoring) and work on it than in the real world.
  5. I don’t claim to know everything but you can expect I will know the content fairly thoroughly, if I don’t know it off by heart, I am able to find the information very quickly or direct you to the answer.
  6. If I get stuck for a long time or don’t know the material I will discount the session or give you more time to make up.
  7. You can expect I will teach you the tips and tricks, pitfalls and things to watchout for.
  8. If you ask me a question and I don’t know the answer I will follow up and find out for our next session or email you sometime after the session.

Expectations as a Student:

  1. I expect you to show ability and a desire to learn new skills.
  2. Accept responsibility for your own learning and development.
  3. Proactive and dedicated, I expect you to work hard, study not just during our tutoring session but in your own time.
  4. If you want additional homework and I give you additional practice questions or exercises that I think are worthwhile, I expect you have a fair attempt at them. (I’m not giving homework just because I enjoy it.)
  5. Open and prepared to accept feedback and guidance.
  6. There is no expectation of you to be “on time”. Do not get a speeding ticket or put yourself in danger getting to my house. I appreciate you coming to my house; you do not need to rush to be “on time”, I’m a pretty laid back person; if you are 10-15 minutes late, that’s perfectly fine. However for other aspects of your life you may need to be very punctual e.g. job interview, other appointments etc.
  7. If there are other students after you, I expect you to try to be on time.