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Mathematics- Grade 1 to 10 Senior Maths A, B, and C

Struggling with Maths? Having difficulties doing an assignment? or just need some extra help understanding new topics covered in class? No worries! I can tutor every topic from grade 1 to grade 12 as well as university maths content. Mathematics is the basic building block for other fields of study and an invaluable tool in life as it is used everywhere in problem-solving. These are just some of the topics I have tutored in the past:

Algebra, inequalities, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, differentiation: chain rule, product rule, quotient rule, implicit differentiation, integration  integration by substitution, integration by parts, changing the order of integration, integration by trigonometric substitution, integration by partial fractions, optimization  linear function, quadratic function, periodic functions, arithmetic and geometric progressions, probability, statistics, binomial theorem, combinations, permutations, normal distribution, Z-scores tables, exponential, log, growth and decay functions, compound interest, effective and nominal interest rates, past, present and future values, limits, vector, matrices, Cramer’s rule, finding the determinant and inverse of a matrix, gaussian elimination, linear algebra, Euler’s formula, Taylor’s, De Moivre’s theorem, complex numbers, logic and set theory.



Physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space-time, as well as all applicable concepts, including energy and force. At a high school level, it’s simply maths, with key emphasis on units, significant figures, remembering formulas (and being able to rearrange and solve simultaneous equations). Remembering formulas are a lot easier when you understand the concepts behind a formula and how it came to be. These are just some of the topics I have tutored in the past:

Classical mechanics, Newton’s laws of motion, velocity, acceleration, momentum, force, vectors, static equilibrium, tension, energy calculations, dynamics, angular momentum, torque, conservation laws, wave theory, work, power, electromagnetism, circuit problems, Thevenin and Norton, KCL, KVL, optics, refractive index problems, thermodynamics, law of universal gravitation, theory of relativity, nuclear physics, radioactive decay, half-life etc.


Microsoft Excel

Don’t do repetitive calculation tasks by hand, Excel can save you hours of time and never make a single mistake in the calculation process!

Industries such as engineering, accounting, finance, any business use the software Microsoft Excel. I can teach you Excel so you can be more proficient at using Excel. I can help you with any problems you might have with your spreadsheets for work or your business. If you want something implemented it can be done! I can help you develop or teach you to develop spreadsheet automation with Macros using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

School assignments asking you to use Excel?
I got that covered, I’ve helped High School, University students with their Excel Assignment (eg. MGTS1201 or MGTS7202), helping them to finish in just a couple of hours receiving full or close to full marks. Topics covered: IF, VLOOKUP, HVLOOKUP, CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, SEARCH, SUBSTITUTE, MATCH, UPPER, LOWER, TIRM, REPT, INDEX, SIGN, SUM, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, DSUM, DMAX, DMIN, DAVERAGE, SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, COUNTA, ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, NETWORKDAYS, NPV, FV, TODAY, NOW, MONTH, YEAR, DAY, DATE, COL, ROW, OFFSET, IPMT, BINOM.DIST, nested if statement, nested everything (start small and build towards a final formula), data validation, conditional formatting, freeze pane, filtering, difference between cells that look like a table and a table, pivot tables and charts, charts, when to use what chart (best way to represent data), array formulas, Excel add-in Solver and KALL, objective function, subject to constraints plus much, much more. (e.g. BISM1201, MGTS1201 Transforming Business with Information Systems, BISM7202, MGTS7202, – UQ, CIS1000 – USQ)


Economics- Micro and Macro Economics

I can explain micro and macro economic theories and provide real world examples to illustrate these concepts. I can explain the supply and demand curves, market equilibrium, effects of government artificial floors and ceilings and their effects on the market. These are just some of the topics I have tutored in the past:

Microeconomics Topics: Opportunity cost, ignoring sunk costs, Adam Smith, competition and the invisible hand, diminishing returns, supply curve, demand curve, elasticity, perfect completion, monopoly, monopolistic competition, efficiency and exchange, positive and negative externalities and property rights, labour market, floor and ceiling, benefits of trade, five sources of market power and game theory/prisoner’s dilemma etc.

Macroeconomics Topics: GDP, measuring GDP, real and nominal GDP, role of Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) central bank, inflation, using interest rates to control inflation – monetary policy, fiscal policy, unemployment cyclical, frictional and structural unemployment, money multiplier creation of wealth, economic development – capital vs consumption and catch up theory etc. (e.g. ECON1010, ECON1020 – UQ).


Digital Logic Design

Having trouble with truth tables? or need someone to debug your logic circuit? I can help in the following topics: truth tables, NOT, AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, NXOR gates, shift registers, multiplexers, demultiplexers, Full adder, comparator, splitters, D, T, J-K, S-R Flip-Flop, Counter. I can teach you how to design using logisim and other digital logic simulation software. I can explain the difference between synchronous and asynchronous designs. I can help you optimize your design and use less gates. I can explain why we use Karnaugh map (K-Maps) when designing logic circuits as well as boolean algebra to simplify your logic circuits. We can go through the different laws of boolean algebra; such as: law of identity, commutative, associative, idempotent, double negative, complementary, intersection, union, distributive, absorption, common identities laws as well as the famous often used DeMorgan’s Theorem. I have also programmed using VHDL but this was a long time ago but I still might be able to help you in VHDL logic design.


Structured Query Language (SQL) End User Reporting

Structured Query Language (SQL) is an industry standard programming language for retrieving and updating information from databases. SQL enables users to select, insert, update, and delete data from databases. It can be used to effectively query databases and retrieve valuable information if used correctly. It is a standard language that all commercial databases, such as Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, support. SQL can also be used in conjunction with other programming languages like VBA to retrieve data or update data in an Excel Spreadsheet. I tutor the end user reporting aspect of SQL, I can go over syntax of SQL, and explain in detail functions such as: SELECT, FROM, WHERE, ORDER BY, LIKE, IN, AND, OR, NOT, IS NULL, BETWEEN, DISTINCT, COUNT, MAX, MIN, AVG, GROUP BY, HAVING, ROUND, TO_CHAR, TRUNC, UPPER, LOWER, LENGTH, INSTR, TRIM, POWER, LOG, SQRT, SUBSTR, TO_DATE etc. I can help you if you are struggling with SQL assignments. (e.g. COIS20026).

I also teach Entity-Relationship (ER) diagrams: I cover topics such as entities (strong and weak), attributes (simple, derived attribute), primary keys (PK), foreign key (FK), cardinality (multiplicity), Crows feet notation and much, much more. (e.g. MIS761, CIS1000 – USQ).

Jack developed in partnership Property360 using SQL queries. SQL queries are highly useful for web Development.


Microsoft Access

I can help you learn to use Microsoft Access and help you do the planning as well as the design of your databases (relationships, One to Many, One to One, Many to Many, Many to One), explain the importance of relationships and primary keys. I can help you create data entry rules (properties, masks, validation rules). Creating forms and creating useful queries (WYSIWYG clicking or via SQL) and designing reports based off those queries. I’m sure I can help you whether it be for a high school project, your business or work or for a university assignment (eg. BISM7202, MGTS7202 – UQ, COIS20026 – CQU, CIS1000 – USQ).


Python Programming Language

Are you learning Python and need some help understanding some of the functions or the syntax of Python? I can help you step through your code and debug those errors! I can teach the syntax and programming methodology for Python as well as go through the functions and features of Python such as: conditionals (If, elif and else) statements, difference between For and While loops, finite or infinite loops and when to use which, try and except, as well as continue and break for looping. Arithmetic expressions, logic comparisons, variables and assignment, (difference between global and local variables) how to access and update global variables within a function,  string processing, event driven programming, Buttons, input fields, timers, Lists, List methods (Mutation, if something is mutable or not), Dictionaries, drawing on canvas, Images, sounds, Object-oriented programming (OOP) via classes and sounds and sprite classes. So if you are stuck on a project or assignment and need someone to think with you through your code or design process let me know. (e.g. CSSE1001)


Introduction to Chess

Learn to play the timeless game of Chess! Playing against someone or in a competition but have absolutely no idea how to play chess or want to improve your game? I can teach and explain to you all the rules of chess, even the confusing ones like En passant and castling. I can go through some common openings, midgame and end game strategies. Rather than memorizing moves from books; I will teach you key principles to follow that will improve your game dramatically. We can go through things like value of each piece, pawn chain/structure, exchanging pieces, positioning, space, tempo, gambits, sacrifice, mating patterns, forks, pins, skewer, discovered attacks, double attack, combinations, double check, opposition etc

Playing chess improves a person thinking and analytical skills in terms of logic, pattern recognition, thinking ahead (foresight), formulating plans and executing them, identifying weaknesses and exploiting them, commitment, actions and consequences, risks, adapting to different situations, seeing things from someone’s respective, these skills are transferable in other aspects of life.


Data Recovery – Memory Card, USB stick or Hard Disk Drive

Data Recovery
Accidentally deleted your 200 page thesis or assignment or priceless holiday photos off your USB thumb drive or external hard drive? I can help you retrieve it! Yes, I can ‘undeleted’ the files. Simply bring me your device and I will do my best to recover the lost files for you. (Not guaranteed, but I will do my best.) The process will not damage your device in any way and you can use your device after I have returned it to you. I can recover ‘deleted’ photos off digital cameras but there is a smaller chance to recover those. All files retrieved will be treated with the highest confidentiality.

Got a hold of device and you want to know what files were previously stored on it? Bring it to me and I will try my best to recover the files. If I am unable to recover your files no payment is required.


Computer Repairs – Hardware and Software

Computer Problems? A team of Pandas are on it!
Frustrated with a slow computer? Having computer problems? Power surge damaged your computer and now it won’t turn on? Computer infected by a nasty virus? All your work and valuable family photos on that hard drive could potentially be lost forever… Fear not!! OzPanda are experts when it comes to repair and upgrades whether it’s a your Software or Hardware. Our team of specialists (Jack) will help you fix your computer in our workshop in no time. We believe in honest, no surprises approach; all costs, as well as risks are explained to you from the start so you know exactly what the issue is and how much it will likely cost you to get your computer operational. We also can build / assemble custom computers from high quality parts you select. We can advise you what components you need and suggest helpful websites to pick parts from to build your dream computer!

Our Services include but not limited to the following:

  • Diagnostic / Fault Finding
  • Hardware replacement / Upgrade
  • Virus & Spyware (Malware) Removal
  • Data Recovery and Backup valuable data
  • Full System Install – Reformat Computer (Last Resort)
  • Computer Set up / Building a new PC from purchased parts
  • Software / Driver installs
  • Tuning and Cleaning, reapplying thermal paste
  • Installing a second monitor (Extended) to increase productivity

Click Here –  for a comprehensive list of services, costs and detailed explanation of what each service entails.

Photo Touch Up (Airbrush)

Got digital photos you want changed? Have pimples, blemishes, winkers or a tattoo on a photo you absolutely love and want them removed from the photo? Want to whiten your teeth in those holiday photos? Forgot to smile at an important event or moment and want to change the photo so you are smiling? Want to edit an object out of or into a photo? Remove time stamp out of photos? I can help with all of that! Send me the photos or bring them to me on a USB stick and tell me what you would like changed. If you don’t like the edited photos no payment is required.


English – Proofreading, Editing and Formatting

Why lose marks on spelling or grammar that can be easily avoided? Whether it’s for a high school english assignment or a university thesis; I can help. It’s difficult to find your own mistakes because we ‘read’ what we thinks is written not what is actually written. That’s why it’s a good idea to have someone else proofread it.

I will provide constructive feedback and fix up any errors in grammar and sentence structure (using Microsoft review markups). Comment on the logical flow of the content. Breakup the paragraphs appropriately. Provide new ideas for content and format the document.



Unless stated otherwise, all tutoring services are done at my house at a very reasonable rate of $40 per hour. eg. If the session went for one and a half hours; it would be 1.5 x $40 = $60.

If I did not help you with the topic no payment is required!